uTorrent speed up. How to?

My uTorrent speed seems to start out so slow sometimes, gradually speeding up. I see the pattern again and again, so I got curious as to the cause of this. I came across some general info, like this but that still didn't really answer my question. After some more digging, wading through boring technical documents like the torrent spec, I learned something pretty interesting, and some tips for bumping up my uTorrent speed as well. To save you the work, I'm going to post my findings here.

It seems that a lot of uTorrent speed is governed by your ratio. Trackers and clients will give priority to those with higher ratios, to distribute the files quicker. They call this the "tit-for-tat" model, as shown here. The slow startup speed I was seeing was because I hadn't uploaded yet, and the connections begin as "choked," not receiving as much data as they could. If your ratio drops much (you've been downloading much more than uploading,) you're choked as well.

Like most people, my internet connection is asymmetric, so it's fast to download but slow to upload. Obviously I can't keep my ratio high, while constantly downloading, resulting in a slower uTorrent speed for me. There had to be some way around this problem...

That's when I found "Torrent Ratio Keeper". It's a little bit of software that will tell the torrent tracker that you're uploading more than you are. Not only does it increase my ratio, but it also speeds up the torrents in the process.